Welcome Message

Dear Visitor,

Welcome on the website of the conference named “Perspectives of Local Governments in CEE – Common Learning and Innovations[1]“, organized by the Ministry of Interior of Hungary.

The aim of the conference is to disclose and share the Hungarian and international experiences related to local innovation as well as to the facilitation of effective operation of local governments. The event focuses on Central and Eastern Europe, especially on the Visegrád Group. Considering the challenges of our joint past and present, it is advisable to learn from each other. I believe that the participants of the conference will find a theme, in which they can share their own experiences and expand their knowledge too.

The Ministry of Interior pays particular attention to supporting the performance of our municipalities by providing high-quality knowledge-sharing, incorporating scientific results in the daily work of local governments. One of the possible means of this support is to get acquainted with the results of the work of those researcher groups which are focusing on the topic of local governments.

Scientific basis is an important feature of all innovative developments. However, getting to know the theory is not sufficient; therefore we intend to make all the gathered conclusions from the practical field available for our target group of local governments. For this reason, the Ministry of Interior plans to organize a second international conference in the future for professionals with practical experience. The aim of this conference is to present those good practices of Hungarian and international municipalities that can promote development.

I hope our conference has captured your interest. We look forward to welcoming you in Budapest on 15th and 16th November 2018.

Dr. Sándor Pintér

Minister of Interior of Hungary

[1] The conference is held in the framework of the priority project titled „ The Monitoring of Municipal Developments ” (ÖFFK II.); project ID: PADOP-2.3.4-CCHOP-15-2016-00002. For more information please visit our subpage. (link).